You know the excitement you get on your birthday? The feeling welling up inside you? I hope you do because I’ve heard it’s kinda like the excitement I have when I eat ice cream, run in my play yard, or when the mail person brings my BarkBox, especially when my BarkBox arrives.

So this month, my BarkBox came with a couple other boxes. My daddy set the stack on the floor and I went right to work inspecting all of the packages. Sniff…sniff…sniff…OH! This is for me! I wiggled my tail like I was going to snap in half as I knocked the box off the stack and tried to open it!

My daddy took the box with my eyes locked on him and he cut the tape and put the box back on the floor for me to open. I pulled the flap open and stuck my nose in the box to see what goodies I got this time! This month is travel themed! I love going on vacation with my family!

I was so excited as I pulled out the different items. The first item I went to were these headphones. My daddy listens to music, so I thought these were pretty cool. Then my daddy got the funny idea to put them on me. That wasn’t so cool. I really enjoyed playing with this, although it only lasted about two minutes. It was pretty flimsy. My daddy said he is going to contact BarkBox about this because it didn’t last long. So while I really like the toy, it was disappointing it wasn’t made better. This is really a first from BarkBox because the toys I get are usually amazing!

Next is this camera toy. It’s like a Kong, but isn’t made by them. It has a section to stuff treats into. The two ends squeak. It took me about four minutes to get the items out. My daddy liked it because he was able to stuff a Cloud Star Grain Free Oven Baked Buddy Biscuits Dog Treats in it. The toy had a strong rubber smell, which my daddy didn’t really like, but I enjoyed playing with it.

Next up is the duffle bag toy. Initially I didn’t get excited about it, but my daddy waited a few days before he gave it to me (he said I have to space the items out over the month) and I loved the toy! My daddy likes that it is a tougher toy. It also squeaks and crackles, which I like. I can carry it in my mouth by its little straps or just grab it and run!

Now for the food. This BarkBox came with two treats, and one chew. I didn’t try the chew yet, but I did try the treats. The bacon treats are heart shaped and my daddy breaks them in half to make me think I’m getting more. I know what he is doing, but I let him think I don’t notice (don’t tell him I said that, okay?).

The other treats are Wafflers and are made with real bacon and molasses. They are soft and easy to break. I liked both of the treats. Neither were ones that my daddy is ready to hurry up and reorder, there are just ones I was more excited about, but I liked these treats.

Overall, this BarkBox was pretty good. I’d say it wasn’t our favorite because the past couple have been AMAZING, but their support was great at replacing the headphones without any problem and the new toys have brought me joy. The treats were nice and the travel theme of the box was pretty pawsome!