My family and I love toys that food can be stuffed in. I love them because I get to play with something and eat! What is better that that?!?!? My family likes it because it keeps me occupied for a little bit and it gets me moving.

My daddy bought me this new Dogzilla Dino Egg Toy. It is red, egg or football shaped, and has slits in it for treats.

I tried it out today and I had a lot of fun with it! My daddy had trouble finding treats that fit inside, but wouldn’t easily fall out. He ended up using Buddy Biscuits and breaking them a little and then added in some smaller treats that came out pretty easily. He said he needs to find some bigger or thicker treats he can use.

I’m a heavy chewer, so this is a toy that I need supervised with, but one I really enjoy. Check out this video of me trying it for the first time.

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