It’s 6:00 AM, just after the time has changed, but I don’t know anything about the time changing. All I know is I’m ready to get up and see my family. I wiggle in my crate and I start making noises that say good morning to the one I love!

My daddy says it’s so early, but I say, I want to play! He opens my crate and up on the bed I race. I’m so excited to see you! It’s written all over my face!

A smile comes on the face of the one I love. Good morning to you little one!

Now that we are out of bed and ready for the day, it takes me but a minute to say, hey let’s play! I bound down the stairs to my toy box of fun and I help my daddy get ready for fun.

The joy of my days are spending time with my family. I bring smiles to their faces and help them when they are stressed. I know each of them so well and know who needs to play chase, who wants to practice tricks, and who just wants a hug from their favorite pup!

Time and time again my daddy tells me how happy I make him. I hear him talking about the joy I bring to my family. He tells me he is proud of me when I do something brave.

He runs with me and smiles as we play each other out, then we snuggle as we watch TV together and I snore real loud!

I know my family loves me and I see the joy that I bring. In the laughter and smiles I see on their faces, I know my family is glad they have ME!

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