So my daddy is on this kick of teaching me things to do. I’m not sure I like to work, but I do enjoy getting all of the treats I get for trying (don’t tell my daddy, but if I don’t catch on right away, he gives me extra treats when I do it right, so I’m taking my time in learning this trick).

Anyway, my daddy got a pair of socks, probably not the best since there are two, maybe one would have been better. Anyway, he chose something I could pick up, but that isn’t crazy exciting like a toy from my Barkbox because I would go too crazy and not pay attention.

I did pretty well picking up the socks and then getting treats. My daddy was so proud of me that he had me move on to picking up the socks in different spots. He tossed them on the floor and then put them on the table and chair. I did really well and earned a bunch of yummy treats! 🙂

Then my daddy got the crazy idea that I actually wanted to hand him the socks. He would toss the socks and I’d take them over to him and throw them. He kept reaching and saying “I can’t reach them, they are on the floor.” So I’d pick it up and toss it again. There were a couple times when my daddy would catch them, but many times he didn’t.

Then I decided I was ready to be done because daddy wasn’t treating me as much because I wasn’t doing it as well. So I sat and stared at my daddy. I just stared.

My daddy told me this is a trick that is going to take some time for me to learn. He said I’m smart and should be able to do this a little better than what I did, but he was proud of me and that I did well for the first time.

He said my goal for next time is to learn to pick up the item and hold it for him to grab it. Then for him to be able to point at any item and have me pick it up. It will probably be a while for me to learn this, but I’ll keep you posted. 🙂